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Leapfrog your competition with advanced AI platform that creates new opportunities and position your business for the future. Re-imagine your Business, increase customer engagement, employee empowerment, improve operational efficiency and transform products

Enterprise Insight

Unite all the information across your enterprise, regardless of where it’s stored. From SharePoint to ServiceNow, emails to logs, all your data will sit under a simple Cognino 360° view for drawing intelligence across your organisation.

  • Drive Customer Innovation and satisfaction through unified self-learning insights and search experience through natural language exchange
  • Understand and assist proactively at each step for customers through deep learning of customer behaviours
  • Create real-time analytics by combining internal knowledge with external sources such as social media to create a new level of understanding
  • Re-imagine employee engagement, customer engagement, self-service, opportunity management and much more through fast and easy self-learning AI
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Email Monitoring

Cognino can “sense” the content in the email and documents. It reads and “comprehends” the content using Natural Language Processing (NLP), defines classifications, and extracts the required follow-up actions based on its understanding of the email. The email can be replied to automatically or can be managed through human judgement scoring.

  • Expand your human agents knowledge with relevant and specific messages with automated content for the processing of emails and documents
  • Generate messages and text in natural human language, for example, drafting contracts or meeting minutes
  • Automatically comprehend, classify and extract specific data from emails and documents, collecting all data fields needed to automate message handling
  • Automatically detect the prevailing sentiment in an email, looking at the choice of words, sentence structure, punctuation and emoticons
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Risk & Threat

Create unified AI driven self-learning insights for Risk and Compliance systems, while keeping all your legacy solutions. Proactively scan, evaluate and interpret huge volumes of unstructured regulatory contents scattered over thousands of websites and databases.

  • The organisation can run their regulatory compliance assurance program, ensuring effective and ongoing compliance with multitude of relevant regulatory checks
  • Improve proactive flagging of compliance inconsistencies through deep learning
  • Run your Know Your Customer (KYC) models by deep-diving into the customer’s transactions, transaction history, behavioural profile and other unstructured data sources
  • Identify rogue employees and fraud cases by using advanced and adaptive real-time monitoring of high-risk entities
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Early Warning Detection

Analysts, investigators and data scientists all have the same problem; a need to interrogate their data from new perspectives, on a continual basis. Cognino integrates with your big data technology stacks and creates cross-references patterns from these data sets.

  • Quickly identify relationships across multiple data sets, accessible via search, dashboard analytics, knowledge graphs and real-time alerts
  • Control and design of your data research configuration needs over dynamic and hypersensitive data sets
  • Manage real-time cross stream intelligence that is layered over your existing big data infrastructure and data sources
  • Deliver, monitor, explore and adjust your own data models supported by Cognino
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Performance Monitoring

Create AI-driven self-learning insights to monitor sales and marketing performance. Cognino evaluates real-time data from CRM, Social media and other channels and proactively predicts and recommends leads and qualifies opportunities.

  • Connect all your data across all the channels e.g. CRM, Social and web,  using neural sense crawler to create a 360 view of the customers
  • Create engagement scoring and personalised map for each customer and employees to augment analytics
  • Prioritise leads and opportunities bases on engagement insights and lead scoring.
  • Run your customer insights by deep-diving into the customer’s transactions, transaction history, behavioural profile and other unstructured data sources
  • Proactively derive insights using advance and adaptive real-time monitoring of high-risk entities
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Monitor Voice & Video

Monitor and Detect intelligence across your enterprise from all the unstructured conversation, voice and videos. Cognino creates dynamic neural graphs with contexts and meaning to identify any nuances, hate speech, fraud and insights.

  • Monitor all your customer engagement and empower your employees with proactive conversational insight
  • Understand the intent and context, protect brand across all your customer engagement within Audio and Video channels. Let AI finds unfortunate mishaps before time
  • Authenticate your users for specialised and personalised services for voice passport
  • Deploy self-learning AI that learns from each conversation and adjusts threat perceptions and forecasting
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