Cognino 'Citizen Data Science' platform

Cognino is the first truly learning, explainable AI platform to provide a human-like capacity for understanding. Our multi-dimensional Neural Network creates a real-world representation of knowledge where concepts are connected by semantic relationships. You don’t need to be a data scientist to work with Cognino (but we do offer more sophisticated modules for AI researchers too).

AI Factory for end-user & SMEs

Cognino removes the traditionaal AI adoption barriers with an intuitive interface, offering standardised and modular drag-and-drop AI building blocks and advanced programmatic and API interfaces to make it accessible for users of all levels. Leverage a comprehensive vertical library of trainable deep learning building blocks to create reusable, scalable, and customisable AI solutions. That’s how we make AI accessible.

Drag & Drop UI
Wizard base training
Modular AI
API Interfaces

AI Platform - Learn from ANY data

Transform messy, incomplete, and unstructured raw data from a variety of sources into actionable and elastic learning resources. Automatically utilise multisource aggregation of different models and frameworks to amplify model training and run time performance. By doing this, we reduce the time taken to achieve value creation.

Multi Source
Data Transformation
Any data
Any Model

AI Cloud, AI Appliance, AI-Edge

Deploy Cognino anywhere using our pre-designed AI cloud for optimum performance. Simplify model creation, training, testing, deployment, maintenance, and management via an integrated and containerised AI platform that can run on any hardware, any cloud, and in any environment. Optimise and balance model training and serving across multiple computing (CPU and/or GPU) nodes dynamically. This means that you will increase productivity whilst reducing upkeep overheads.

Multi Cloud
On Prem
AI in a Box Appliance

Our Technology

Explainable Neural Network

We have developed a multi-dimensional Neural Network that can scan, comprehend and act on multiple instances of any type of dataset whilst creating context and purpose along with self-learning.

Neural Sense

Cognino’s Intelligent Scanner works to find only relevant and specific information, then creates the foundational pathway to build knowledge by dynamically extracting only important data.

Neural Weaver

Cognino’s Neural Weaver is a unique approach to Neural Network knowledge creation. The Neural Weaver scans through any data while creates dynamic context, sub-context, information class, and type along with the purpose.

Pattern and Prediction

Cognino engines finds patterns and predicts insights on the basis of semantic understanding and relationships using context and purpose.

Elastic Learning

Cognino's continuous self-learning capability adapts in response to new data whilst retaining its learned information in the long-term memory.

Co-pilot for assistive training

Our unique co-pilot wizards bring the power of AI to the domain expert by automating the process of building an AI through training, self-learning and re-enforcement learning techniques.

Advance NLP

We have a number of breakthrough NLP technologies that can understand the purpose and context, and learn from large comprehensions, not just simple sentences.


Our Neural Network driven summarisation creates dynamic summary from a large set of texts for contextual decision making.

Personalisation and Recommendation

Our state-of-art deep learning recommendation model can personalise and recommend insights from a large set of data, based on the requirements of the user.

Technologies we work with

We work with best in class global technology partners to amplify the value of our Cognino platform. Although platform agnostic, we fully support and integrate with all AI services and APIs offered by Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and IBM Cloud. Our AI experts can tailor a bespoke solution to build your own Intelligent Core Platform, leveraging and amplifying all cloud based cognitive services.