Why Partner with Cognino?

Value to Customer

We help quickly introduce advanced AI solution that deliver positive outcomes for organisations and customers.


Cognino solutions are designed and built by leading AI experts

Grow Faster

Win more business and leverage our deep bench of AI and ML capabilities to stand out.

Our Partner Categories

Referral Partner

Partners can solve customers real issues with complex AI use cases by introducing customer to Cognino from get go


Non-AI GSI get real competitive advantage by combining Cognino platform within their vertical offerings.

e.g. Utility, Retail, Smart Building

Data and Platform Partner

Win more business by adding Neural Networks and Deep learning capabilities to your platform to infuse AI as a service.

Enable your client’s AI led transformation by including Cognino as a proposition in the solutions you implement across industrial, financial and healthcare sectors. We partner with all the hyper-vendor cloud, data sources and production environments, giving you a wide choice of options.