Advance AI for Healthcare

Clinician shortages, time and cost pressures, and increased patient needs create a number of challenges for health organisations as they try to improve patient experiences and outcomes. Cognino AI is focusing heavily on paving the way to a transformed healthcare industry. We’ve built an extensive set of pioneering AI-led approaches to patient care. Here are some ways we are integrating AI into healthcare

  • Important Information Extraction: Cognino Cognitive Extractor uses advanced Natural Language Processing to extract and collate critical information from patient records, giving clinicians direct and quick access without spending an hour or more combing through the patient’s Electronic Health Record (EHR).
  • Personalised medicine and Care – Analytics-driven individualised treatment plans created though Clinical Knowledge Graph, by combining patient’s medical history, medical notes, lifestyle and huge amount of structured and unstructured healthcare data.
  • Diagnosis & Medication Reconciliation: Predictive algorithms suggest disease diagnoses and medications that factor in all data from the patient’s EHR that a physician might miss, preventing possible contraindications and assisting physicians with the reconciliation process.
  • Multi-Modal Data-Based PredictionsProcess data of different modalities to generate predictions for patient outcomes based on different treatment plans.
  • Disease Detection from Images: Powerful computer vision is applied to images such as X-rays and CT scans for lung disease detection, arthritis detection, wound imaging, and more that are not captured by the naked eye.
  • Text Summarisation: Condensing patient records generates a concise and fluent summary or problem list of a patient’s past medical history.
  • Contextual Training: Using Doctors and Staff training requirements and contextually recommending specific snippet of training ‘on the go’
  • Medical Transcription: Latest breakthrough in medical transcription combined with Cognino NN to accurately transcribe and create dictation assistant.
  • Healthcare AI Assistant – A cloud-based solution that enables healthcare organisations to build and deploy virtual health assistants that can provide users with conversational and engaging access to the most relevant and accurate healthcare services and information for both Doctors and Patients.

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