Cognino's AI platform is unique with our world first capabilities.

Cognino brings a world-first real learning explainable AI platform that provides a human-like understanding of the meaning. It does this by automating data preparation through dynamic neural sense than building knowledge through deepest semantic analysis and contextual understanding along with pre-trained domain-specific models. This translates into the fastest, most accurate and cost-effective implementation of AI in the enterprise.

Our multi-dimensional Neural Network made of Neural Weaver, Neural Sense and Neural Graph that creates a real-world representation of knowledge where concepts are connected to one another by semantic relationships and dynamic ontology, multi-dimensional context and purpose, enabling human-like understanding of the meaning of words in context and supports the implementation of explainable AI projects. This enables multi-dimensional elastic learning and continuous knowledge expansion.

Cognino’s Neural Weaver is a unique approach to Neural Network knowledge creation. The Neural Weaver scans through any data while creates dynamic context, sub-context, information class, type etc along with purpose. It does by using the innate human-like capability of Neural Sense which ultimately takes accurate decisions for knowledge creations.

Cognino’s Neural Sense is a human-like unique capability of our neural network in terms of comprehension and decisions in a dynamic multi-option environment. Given a task, the Neural Sense navigates through the information pathways and gets to an accurate decision, dynamically synthesising the cross-learning while avoiding data biases and constantly weighing its decisions even through abstractions.

Due to our unique neural approach to knowledge creation, information is stored in layers with objects surrounded by context and purpose. Given a task, the Neural Sense navigates through the information pathways and to an accurate decision. The entire steps of the triage, actions and decisions can be traced through our Neural Logger as and when any nodes are triggered.

The Duplex Co-pilot is a wizard-based interface which can be used by any subject matter expert to start the training in a specific subject, from basic information to complex and abstract concepts. You do not need to be a data scientist to train Cognino’s AI.

Cognino enables an organization to build its own AI – their own ‘Intelligent Core’ with elastic learning and explainable AI. This is an abstract layer of intelligent on top of the enterprise data estate, always learning, monitoring, augmenting customer engagement, employee empowerment and operation. We call this ‘Augmented Intelligence’

Enterprises use Cognino to gain substantial business outcome by automating knowledge and document-based business processes and to make more informed decisions through the insight discovered in internal and external unstructured information sources.

We found 186+ use cases for a single BFSI client that achieved:

  • 80% Faster from data preparation to Insight
  • 33% Improvement in risk profiling from real-time trading data
  • 18% Improvement in fraud and AML detection
  • 76% Productivity gain in single-use case