Reimagine business with Artificial Intelligence


Cognino – We enable organisations to leapfrog into the future with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and with the world’s first explainable AI.


Cognino is a research led Artificial Intelligence organisation, working with cutting-edge AI technology and world class data . We are currently creating solutions and solving real world problems across various use cases such as Enterprise Insight, Early Warning System, Risk, Fraud, Compliance across industries like Financial services, Healthcare, Government, Regulators etc.


We are lean, global, young and a very dynamic company that has bold ambitions to democratize AI.


Our values are simple but core to our belief system:


  • Focused – We only exist to help customers transform into new AI era
  • Innovation – We are open, curious and always learning
  • Respect – We recognise everyone is different
  • Strategic – We believe in strategic and long-term views
  • Integrity – We are honest, accountable and trustworthy


We are looking for a Digital “Inter-preneur” Intern

Do you want to learn about the possibility of Artificial Intelligence and how AI will change the world? Come and join Cognino. We are looking for extra-ordinary talent, who is hungry to learn, innovate, work with integrity and loves to have real fun.


About yourself:

You must have a clear reason for why you want to work with an AI first business such as Cognino other than to get out of a predictable corporate internship, brag to your friends about the cool start-up you now work with, or simply place entrepreneurship on your CV. Some of us have an uncanny “need” and “eccentricity” to want to change the world, lead from the front, challenge the status quo even if it came with difficulties and pain. Only reach out to us if you think you are the latter.


You Love:

You must love Digital Medium and believe that Technology like Artificial Intelligence can change the world. You really like learning new things, aren’t scared of researching market and data. You may want to build your own business and want to learn and own the end-to-end process. You have a natural talent to see big picture while solve any problem thrown at you.

Regardless of background, we believe there exist individuals with entrepreneurial spirits, resilience, and an outcome driven attitude, who with the right coaching and mentoring can achieve the near impossible. We expect intern-preneurs at Cognino to approach his or her career like an entrepreneur: able and eager to get things done and willing to innovate with limited resources. They think ahead and want to learn how companies and careers grow. We would especially like to hear from those professionals who are thinking of embarking on a change of career or a simple career break. Some of our top employees have come this route and we would love to have some more! Sound like you? If yes and you have 20 hours to spare per week to change your life, read on 🙂


Ideal Skills

  • Grit, determination and a never say die attitude;
  • Growth mindset – Love of ideation and storytelling;
  • Knowledge of, and passion for, the power of communication solutions to drive change;
  • A good understanding of business fundamentals. And Technology background can be ideal!


Depending upon your skills and experience, responsibility includes:

  • Owning research assignments and digital marketing as a whole
  • Impacting or even leading Operations / Business Development / Sales / Marketing / Finance
  • Assisting the CEO/CPO/CMO in the day to day running of the company
  • Building best practice processes that make us more efficient and effective as a team
  • Leading & developing other interns


What can Cognino do for me?

Gain a business education, startup experience, and some pretty amazing connections. If you’re not ready to launch your own venture or don’t quite know who you want to be professionally, we are a great foundation. Get in on the ground floor of an awesome and innovative company – and have some fun along the way! We equally love working with professionals with prior experience AND students, especially those who are looking fulfil course requirements and gain credits by completing an internship programme. We are also a global team, with guys in London, Brazil, India, USA and may be your own home!! Flexibility is key!

If what you have just read resonates, get in touch with your CV and cover letter explaining your motivations for applying and goals for the internship.


Good luck and have a great day!