Re-imagine organisations with Artifical Intelligence

We enable organisations to leapfrog into the future with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and with the world’s first explainable AI.

Cognino is a research led Artificial Intelligence organisation, working with cutting-edge AI technology and world class data. We are currently creating solutions and solving real world problems across various use cases such as Enterprise Insight, Early Warning System, Risk, Fraud, Compliance across industries like Financial services, Healthcare, Government, Regulators etc.

We are lean, global, young and a very dynamic company that has bold ambitions to democratize AI.

Our Values and Culture


We believe in strategic and long-term views


We are open, curious and always learning


We only exist to help customer transform into new AI era


We are honest, accountable and trustworthy


We recognise everyone is different

We are always looking for amazing people, please contact us for more information.