Transform All your Data to Intelligence

Cognino’s AI transforms all your data into intelligence, enabling you to connect billions of data points and providing a human-like continuous learning and understanding. An exciting new phase of artificial intelligence, unlocking fresh insights and empowering better decisions.

100x faster progression from data to insight!

Connect real-world data and events and translate them to knowledge in real time. By combining domain data, external data sources, and powerful self-learning AI, Cognino unlock the power of AI for organisation of all sizes.


Ingest and connect to any data stream - structured, unstructured, or binary: Our platform can support any data feed of any size.


Automatically detect and correlate anomalies, generate explainable and assured insights.

EMPOWER Decision.

Re-imagine your business. Increase customer engagement. Enable employee empowerment. Improve operational efficiency. Transform products.

Cognino provides an Explainable AI solution that can learn and interpret different types of contexts exactly like a human would process them.


Unstructured, Raw

Learn from ANY Data


Knowledge Discovery

Find New Insights


Cutting Edge AI

Rapid Time to Value


World Class AI Experts

Unique AI Skill Sets

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